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Welcome to Pre-registration for Doctoral Studies

Calls 2019

Information about the Pre-registration process:

  • Phase A
    • Admission groups. There are two groups: a general group and a group for disabled persons (5 % of the offered places). Applicants who meet the criteria for applying to both groups (general and/or for disabled persons) may do so.
    • Pre-registration period: from 1st July until 28th September, 2019
    • Admissions lists will be published by 18th October, 2019.
    • Appeals regarding the admission process will be accepted until 22nd October, 2019
    • Resolution of appeals against the admission process: 25th October, 2019
    • Enrolment: from 18th to 25th October, 2019

  • Further information about the PhD programs and Rules for Admission and Enrolment

  • Do not forget to attach the required documents to your application. They must be in PDF, JPG or PNG format and should be ready before starting the application.

  • Bear in mind that this application for admission is PROVISIONAL
    • You must go (*) to the Postgraduate Studies Section (1) within the set time or up to 5 days later to submit the applications (from 2nd July until 28th September, 2018) so the documents provided can be checked with the originals (or certified copies) and thus validated. If the attached documents do not accurately match the original documents, then your application may be rejected; notwithstanding, this situation may be corrected.
      (1) Located in Edificio Rector Soler, Campus de Espinardo, Espinardo (Murcia).

    • (*) Applicants holding a Bachelor's Degree or a Master's degree (or any other course that allows admission into the programme) from the University of Murcia and who have completed their pre-registration application using the UM email account and set password will not be required to go to the Postgraduate Studies Section. Likewise, students may exercise their right to not submit those documents held by the Public Administrations, provided that they authorise the documents to be collected by electronic means, submitting the duly completed and signed authorisation form.

Submission of applications

The pre-registration period starts on 1st July and ends 27th September, 2019**.

(**) The Web application for the pre-registration process will be available until 2 pm on 27th September, 2019 (Central European Time). However, from the 31th of July until the 31st of August, inclusive, it will not be possible to contact the University by telephone or in person in the event of an incident or if you have any query about the pre-registration process. Any such incidents/queries will be resolved in September.

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Consult your Results

Consult your results: from 9 am on 1st October, 2019 until 31th October, 2019.
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